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In the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox is a time to experience

renewal and balance.

Spring is in the air after a long dark winter. Inhale life, prana, light, vitality. Exhale darkness, worry, grief, pain. Build an invincible spirit with the breath of life and flow with the changes and challenges of time and space.


  Thank you for joining us for a day of yoga, chanting, and community - a celebration of life and a time for striking a balance between dark and light.

We offered this event for free to serve the needs of our community but welcome your donations in support of our work - we suggest a donation of $35-50 for this offering.

Thank You for Joining Us For

This Day of Yoga and Community

We loved going live with you from all corners of the globe!


We welcome feedback on your experience, so we can make future events even better.


What to Expect

Live Sadhana

Live Classes

Private Facebook Group

Support Resources

Inspiring Talk on Seva

Evening Program & Concert


When to Join

You can join LIVE during eEquinox, following the schedule here.

You will also be able to access the recordings after eEquinox is over. 

eEquinox Featured Teachers

Our teachers are here to SERVE & UPLIFT YOU.

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Experience the pure joy of present moment awareness.