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3 Ways to Support Your Community


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with a Seva Project 

Serving is what we do and who we are. As a global community, karma yoga (service to others) is a major part of who we are. To bring that spirit into our eEquinox, please consider joining a local seva project so that you can help change the world.

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on Give Lively 

We are thrilled to offer your access to this powerful eEquinox for FREE! 

We are grateful to the teachers and musicians for donating their time as well.  

If you are called to donate, we would greatly appreciate your generosity! 

Thank you!

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on Give Lively

This eEquinox was created and hosted by the great team at 3HO Foundation.  If you would like to support is to create more awesome Kundalini Yoga content throughout the year, become a monthly donor (tax-deductible!) to 3HO Foundation International.


Your gift of any size will make a difference.

We suggest $35-50 for this eEquinox offering.