Schedule of Events

While we recognize people are tuning in from all over the world in different time zones, we will be sharing our LIVE content set to Mountain Daylight Time.



Morning Sadhana with Anand Kirtan

4:00am MDT

During LIVE morning sadhana, we experienced the recitation of Japji, a short yoga set, and the Aquarian Sadhana mantras.

If you are unsure of how to do Aquarian Sadhana, or what the mantras are, click here to download a practical guide.

Live Morning Class with Shama Kaur

8:00am MDT

Strong as Steel, Steady as Stone - No matter how hard we try to be good people and do good things in the world, there will always be those who focus on our mistakes. At that moment, what happens to you? Join Shama Kaur in a class that will strengthen your navel point, open your heart and expand your aura so you can be strong as steel, steady as stone in the hardest moments of life. She will be accompanied by Egyptian Oud player Moahmed Abu Zeid for mantra singing and chanting.

Lunchtime Discussion with IKYTA

12:00pm MDT

IKYTA Staff offered a lunchtime discussion - "Teaching in Challenging Times." This was an opportunity to gather with your fellow teachers while sharing tools, experience, and wisdom. Only available during the live event. 

Live Event Only

Live Afternoon Class with Guru Singh

3:00pm MDT

The Power of Equality - The Fall Equinox is a celebration of the equality of night and day . . .of dark and light, and all that comes with balance. Together, we celebrate the equality on our lands . . .all races, genders, orientations, and beliefs. This class will include kriya and meditation.

Evening Concert & Chanting with GuruGanesha

6:00pm MDT

Join GuruGanesha for an uplifting evening of sacred chant. 

"There is a thread that runs through GuruGanesha’s music that pulls you towards the raw and beautiful pulse of life. He opens up the warm spaces of his heart, sharing the fragility of life, love, and the search for meaning. GuruGanesha creates music that carries a profound wisdom that only comes with the experience of facing our shadows with love and acceptance." - Spirit Voyage